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Q:  Which website should I be on if I'm purchasing tickets for a client? 

A: is where you will purchase tickets FOR your clients. Your affiliate link is for the CLIENT to purchase tickets on their own. 

Q:  What social media platform has shown to be the best way to promote event tickets? 

A:  Facebook. Through our analytics facebook has shown to take the lead with engagement, but using Instagram and Twitter are also highly encouraged. 

Q:  As a travel agent will I receive a discount?

A:  No. We don't offer discounts, however we offer a 10% commission to all Travel Agents. 

Q:  Can you help me drive more traffic to my affiliate website

A:  This can be achieved by using the tools we are providing.

Q:  Do I need to set up an account before I start using the website?

A:  No. You will be prompted to set up an account when making your first purchase.

Q:  Why do I see prices cheaper on other sites?

A:  Many ticket companies may add a large service fee in the shopping cart. Please make sure to compare our prices against that price.

Q:  Why is there no inventory for an event I'm looking for?

A:  Golden Tickets does not sell tickets for all events but generally for all major sporting events, concerts and theatre.

Q:  Can I order tickets on my smart phone or tablet?

A:   Yes.  Our site is fully responsive.

Q:  When will I receive my commission?

A:   Commissions are paid at the beginning of the month after the event date.

Q:   What hours are you open?

A:   8:00 am to 4:00pm CST.

Q:  How do I contact Golden Tickets after hours?

A:  We are available for after hours emergency calls by clicking Contact Us

Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

A:  All sales are final.  We do not accept cancellations once an order is placed.

Q:  Why am I getting an error message on the shopping cart page?

A:  When this occurs it is usually due to a billing address mismatch.  Please make sure you have the correct billing information.

Q:  Why is someone else's name on my ticket?

A:   That is the season ticket holder/original purchasers name.  All tickets are transferable.  ID is not required.

Q:  What are Flash Seats?

A:  Flash seats are electronic tickets that are transfered through a account.

Q:  What are mobile tickets?

A:  Mobile tickets are tickets that are transfered through email via a team app or the Ticketmaster app.

Q:  What are GA/SRO tickets?

A:  They are General Admission/Standing Room Only tickets.  NO RESERVED SEAT.

Q:  How am I notified of my affiliate orders?

A:  You will receive an commission notification email when affiliate orders are processed.

Q:  What if an event is postponed?

A:  Tickets are good for the rescheduled show.

Q:  Do you offer group rates on tickets?

A:  No.  We do not offer discounts for groups as we already give you 50% our mark up.  

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